We believe the 35 years of experience working on traditional properties in Sussex & Kent as well as historical interest in our area has given us the the expert knowledge needed to deal with matters of conservation in a sympathetic but also practical way. We work co-operatively and with a common sense approach to achieve a realistic and satisfactory result. We are also understanding of the needs and priorities of Client, Conservation officers and other stakeholders in any project or maintenance task. 

We are proud to have been involved in the refurbishment of a number of large and small traditional properties over the years both internally and externally. We have used appropriate materials and methods of installation reflecting works carried out across many different historical periods going back in some instances nearly 500 years.

When we are required to carry out substantial repairs, particularly to structure, our approach is highly surgical. We treat ancient buildings in the same way as we would treat repairs to a vintage car, carefully stripping back only as far as is absolutely necessary.

There are many viewpoints when it comes to conservation and we embrace every aspect from complete replacement right through to piecemeal repair. Above all we appreciate that how we look after our historical buildings can be very subjective and therefore as professional builders we should never be entrenched in the way we approach this type of work.

 Completed conservation project

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